*inhale and exhales slowly* So it’s out and I’m here with it on replay because I’m BAD like that. I saw that a lot of people were saying stuff like “Woolliment you’re really taking a BIG risk for choosing Bad as the title and I hope you know what you’re doing”, “Woolliment is using SM style” , “I don’t know what I feel towards this concept let’s wait until its fully out” etc. For me, Woolliment isn’t using SM or any other company’s style. If you want originality and stuff, I’d say Woolliment. Also I love the idea that they push their artist out of their comfort zone letting them try new things. Woolliment knows what they’re doing people!!

I don’t even know what to say because I’m so speechless right now. Sungkyu has been my crush since day one and I have to hand it to him…..HE IS SO FREAKING HOT!!! It’s like he keeps getting hot and hotter my poor heart can’t deal anymore. And let’s talk about his vocals which is off the roof and this song completely just blew me away. Hoya and Dongwoo are the rappers of INFINITE and always will be, but lets just stop and appreciate their sweet vocals even if it lasted for a short while and Dongwoo‘s awesome rap. I have a thing for rappers who can sing. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if the other members could rap since INFINITE seems like a well rounded group. Their last album that came out contained the song, Diamond, which had both boys singing instead of rapping. Many people where saying stuff like “OMG Dongwoo hit a note!”, “They should let Hoya and Dongwoo sing more they sound so good!” etc. Honestly, Sungyeol who barely had enough screen time or lines in a lot of their songs got a fair amount of lines and screen time. I’m a little satisfied and I hope in the future he’ll get more. His voice is really soothing and nice. Woohyun as always have been awesome and just like Sungkyu, his voice is amazing. Sungjong is just too beautiful for a guy, I always feel crappy looking at him (ha-ha). His voice, like Sungyeol, is nice and soothing and need more lines too!! Myungsoo/L…..mhm, I’m in-like with this guy XD he screams perfect and for all those people who says “Infinite would be better without him and he can’t sing” go check yourself.

What I honestly think about the song? It’s different from the kind of songs we usually get. This was kind of more on the hip hop side which totally suits them. The song is very catchy and makes you want to just get up and dance along. When a song is really good, I normally catch on to the lyrics really quick and let me tell you, I was singing this Bad boy on the second replay not 100% but I song a lot of lines. My mom was singing the chorus and that says something XD. I think they totally killed this song and this was definitely bad arse. I love it~

I recommend you check out the full album, Fifth Mini-Album Reality, which contains some really awesome tracks besides Bad.

Track List:
01. Betting
02. Bad
03. Moonlight
04. 발걸음
05. 마주보며 μ„œ μžˆμ–΄
06. λŸ¬λΈŒλ ˆν„°
07. 엔딩을 뢀탁해

Overall, I think this comeback was really good and I’m sure the boys worked very hard for us fans. I am so looking forward to their dance practice video as well as their live performances. Please show many love and support towards the boys, guys. Well, that’s the end of my senseless rambling.

What do you think of INFINITE’s Comeback? πŸ™‚