Jo’s Music Mondays


It’s Monday and you know what’s up…yup Jo’s Music Mondays!

Today’s music post will be La La La by Naughty Boy (ft Sam Smith). I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately and I really like it. So hope you guys like it as well.
Enjoy~ 🙂


You Are Not Alone

Hey, guys!!!

I came across some image yesterday and shared them with one of my best friends. Knowing that this made her felt better and that she’s aware, that I’m always there for her no matter what…made me really happy. I really suck at expressing myself verbally or physically, so pictures or poems are indeed a good way to get feelings across. I’m really happy my feelings were understood through these.

And so, I have decided to share “these” with you guys.





















I know a lot of you guys are suffering from depression. You feel like there’s no-one to turn to or there’s no-one who’ll listen to you. You think your problems are unimportant and you’re alone. Well, you’re not. I’m here if anyone needs someone to talk to. I love giving advice and listening to people. Don’t ever think you are alone.

I hope this made someone’s day. Have a wonderful day, guys. 🙂

P.S: Credit to the owner of these images, whoever you are. 👍


DoubleU = W

you are the snowflake

among all snowflakes

there is none like you

you are truly unique

singularly special

all should marvel

at the wonder of you

bow at the monuments

you have erected

to your individuality

all other snowflakes

should censor every word

carefully tread with

each and every step

all for fear of offending

your unequaled sensibilities

their speech isn’t free

it must be regulated,

restrained, reprimanded,

restricted, met with reprisal

for you are the snowflake

and you must be protected

from those who would dare

to live as though you are

not their chief concern

for all they do may

be a means with which

to bring shame to you

for you are the snowflake

and you mustn’t be disturbed

even from afar

as the issue being discussed

must certainly be about you

for you are the snowflake

and we must all be mindful

of the circular logic

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Sky and sea

insight07's blog


I stand here at the shore
Just looking, as always
I stood still for hours, it seems
But the water kept on moving
Rising in waves, huge and small
Racing to reach the shore
Bathing the sand, engulfing it
Then receeding back in itself
Again it arose in waves
The cycle, kept on going
In the lull of the whispering water
I lost sense of time
My feet, like the golden sand
Bathed in the water pure
As my eyes look
At the sky, the sea, and the sky again
Until I can’t tell them apart
The horizon has faded, lost
In the brilliant shades
Of blue, green, purple, blue
The ripples of water sparkling
In the light of the day
It is the stars twinkling
From beneath the blue
Soon my vision is greeted
With the big ball of fire
As it dips lower, lower still
Into the endless…

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In The Hands Of Society


He lost himself
in the hands of society
He bared his teeth
growl and scratched at nothing
He felt high
He was on cloud nine
But within a blink of an eye
he was torn to threads
By society which had given birth
Birth to greed, insecurities
power, lust
and all things humans crave for

He lost himself and
Just like that he was forgotten
yet why-
Why do humans crave so much
for materialistic things?
It isn’t that which define who we are
But we
We are the ones who define who we are
It’s too late
Because half of this world has already lost itself

…in the hands of society


A Prayer To You


Photo by me

They say have faith
believe in you
and everything will be okay
I did just that
But you mocked me
Seeing my smiling face
you wiped it away immediately
My teary eyes
making the heavens rejoice
My wrongs and rights
you know them all
before even a single one could be complete
I pray to you and tell myself
Everything happens for a reason

Where are you?
No where to be seen
Years and years of struggling
and a blind eye
You love us all, that’s what you said
But in truth
There is just a few
Still trapped in the dark
You refuse to shine your light
upon me
So this is my reason to live?
Will I be driven into my own dark desires?
Shall I take life into thy own hands?

Why do you still refuse to answer me?
A broken, lost and battered soul
Am I still not worthy of you?
Just like Lucifer
Tempted to be THE ONE
not the one to lead an army of unjust
But to be THE ONE of many
Whom you have bestowed your love upon

A prayer to you
just like the others
Will this too go unanswered?

~ J.R