I’m just an ordinary Jamaican gal with dreams of travelling the world someday. To sum up my personality; random, crazy and an awkward socialite. Despite all that though I’m really nice.

I have to admit I’m super pumped about doing this. It makes me even happier to know that you took the chance to come and explore this little world of mine. However, sharing on the internet can be pretty scary at times. Especially when you’re sharing your personal thoughts/review on different topics, knowing that there’s someone out there judging you. But, I’m still going to share anyway (ha-ha). Although I’m new to the world of blogging, I’ll try my best to express my views clearly and decrease my error count day by day.

All opinions are welcome, but hate in form will not be tolerated. So let’s keep it clean and fun guys!!! Also don’t hesitate to comment, like, share or subscribe/follow. Peace 😉.


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