Sky and sea

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I stand here at the shore
Just looking, as always
I stood still for hours, it seems
But the water kept on moving
Rising in waves, huge and small
Racing to reach the shore
Bathing the sand, engulfing it
Then receeding back in itself
Again it arose in waves
The cycle, kept on going
In the lull of the whispering water
I lost sense of time
My feet, like the golden sand
Bathed in the water pure
As my eyes look
At the sky, the sea, and the sky again
Until I can’t tell them apart
The horizon has faded, lost
In the brilliant shades
Of blue, green, purple, blue
The ripples of water sparkling
In the light of the day
It is the stars twinkling
From beneath the blue
Soon my vision is greeted
With the big ball of fire
As it dips lower, lower still
Into the endless…

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