Jo’s Music Mondays


It’s Monday and you know what’s up…yup Jo’s Music Mondays!

Today’s song post will be 슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해 (In My Sadness, I Have To Erase You From My Memory) by 이현우(Lee Hyun Woo). I don’t know how many people know this song so if you haven’t heard about it, now you do. Enjoy~ 😀

3 thoughts on “Jo’s Music Mondays

    1. Thank yi for yir comment. I’m glad everyone’s liking it thus far. Oh, I came across yir site a few days ago and I thought it was different. Yi talk about Googims a lot and I actually researched about it. Yi seem to be a huge fan 😄 I think yir blog has its own uniqueness and I like it.


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