It’s Okay


I was really bored when I wrote this. It’s random and may sound a little stupid but I decided to share it anyways.

It’s okay to feel lost and hopeless
Unloved, unwanted and shattered
in a world that has so much to offer yet so much to take
It’s okay to cry and smile
to be angry, excited or bored
There’s just so many sides to a person that is left unexplored
It’s okay to not be okay
To throw things, to scream
To let your voice be heardย 
It’s okay to be lonely
Not everyone enjoy the company of others
It’s okay to be a little weird
Being normal was so last year
It’s okay to be scared of spiders, dogs, cats or even lizards
Everyone has something that scares them
It’s okay to be you
Being someone’s clone only leads to misery
It’s okay to have weird habits like sucking your finger
Screw all the judging eyes, I’m sure they have worse habits
It’s okay to love meat and hate vegetables- even the opposite
It’s okay if you like talking to random things
Some people will judge you
but it’s okay
That’s life
And it’s okay

~ J.R

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