The Lefthanded Project


Her fingers are like compasses that knew, without even looking, where to trace displeasing marks left four years ago. One by one, slowly, they touched the fragile dotted flesh on her elbow, down to her left foot, the three coin-like keloids at her back torso and that one patch of still aching flesh on her back head. As fingers trace them, her mind races back to that very day: a Chinese man holding a rose close up to his nose, a book she just bought and the white truck. Her reconciliation knew perfectly that it was a white truck, but everyone proves her otherwise. Those things flashed frantically in her mind, making collisions of unwanted images as her body flew and concur barbarically against the hard, heated asphalt like a pile of papers scatters everywhere by the howling November wind. Before she figured it all out; before she felt pain…

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Questioning the sanity
Of her own devices,
Willing to explore
The unknown crevices,
The scary possibilities
Aren’t scary,no more,
The terrifying reality
Doesn’t terrify,anymore.
Taking chances
Making advances
Smile in a while
At everyone in a mile;
Happiness explodes,
Smelling sweet like a rose.
Spreading it all around
Without making the unwanted sound.


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OH MY GAWD!!!! NO-ONE LOVES JUNG JOON YOUNG AS MUCH AS I DO!!!! I swear I breathe this guy! (ha-ha) I’m kidding. But who doesn’t love him though? Like be real with me, you know y’all want him- I can not be the only one O.O Anyways, thanks to my wacky net, I didn’t get the chance to watch JJY Band’s OMG MV until just now…..FINALLY!! *clears throat*

I was not ready for this at all. There were loads of hot babes with boobs, boobs and more boobs. There were arses all over the place and did I mention boobs? O.o There was a freaking threesome happening! Loads of alcohol, smoking, hangovers etc. Jung Joon Young really went wild in this one, he was having way too much fun (ha-ha). I actually liked the MV maybe a little too much. I thought it was very different and well put together.

The song was produced by freaking Brian Howes, co-composed by Jung Joon Young and Lee Seung Joo so obviously this song wouldn’t be a let down. It’s a good song to jam out to, very catchy. The guitarist (Jo Dae Min), drummer (Lee Hyun Kyu) and bassist (Jung Seok Won) was amazing. I’m really digging this song and I know this will be one of those songs I’ll never get tired of playing.

For those who have no clue who Brian Howes and Lee Seung Joo is, I’ll educate you a little. Brian Howes is a Canadian rock producer, singer and the producer of Bon Jovi, an american rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey. Lee Seung Joo is from the Korean rock band, Vanilla Unity that was formed in 2004.

Please check out the album guys, it’s really good~ 😉

Nine Muses to Make Comeback in Summer


According to several sources, Nine Muses are preparing for their latest comeback sometime in June. Star Empire Entertainment has clarify that it is indeed true and that the release date of the album has not yet been determined. Also, there will be no member changes.

“There will be no member changes” I’m sure this made all MINE happy because I know I am. Honestly, I’m still not over the sudden departure of Sera, Eunji and Sem but despite that, I’ve already accepted the new members (Keumjo and Sojin).

Their Drama comeback in January was great so I’m really looking forward to see what they have in store for us, fans. 🙂

Smells & Reno (스멜스앤레노) – NOTHING

I didn’t expect this at all when I clicked play. This MV was so weird yet compelling to watch. As you can see, the MV tells a story of a guy who continuously tries to plant flowers and no matter what they always die. Close to the ending of the MV, we see the word “NOBODY” written on the door when he runs to save the flowers. So I’m guessing despite all the effort he put into keeping the flowers alive, by the end of the day he’s still a NOTHING. Despite the one line “that’s just how you are” that is being said over and over, it got me thinking if I was listening to a Korean or an American music…well that’s just my opinion. I have to say both their remixes and original work is awesome and I’m thrilled that they have finally decided to reveal their original tracks. You guys should totally check it out and be ready to get your mind blown.

I’m not sure how many of you know Smells & Reno so I’ll educate you guys a little. Smells & Reno are electronic music producers who has done various beat music, releasing unique remix songs including MFBTY – BizzyTigerYoonmirae (Smells & Reno Remix), SISTAR – Gone not around longer (Smells Remix) and SISTAR – Give It To Me (Reno Remix). I bet your like “WHAT?!! I love the remix of those songs!” Yes yesh I do too (ha-ha)